Daily Schedule for a One-Year-Old

  1. Beth says:

    So helpful to see other 1 year old schedules! My girl is almost 15 months and we’re about to drop down to 1 nap 😭 she started showing signs at 1. If you’re trying to hold on to 2 naps a little bit longer, what worked for us was making sure 1st nap is only around 45min – 1 hour even if that means waking her up 😬 then letting her sleep as long as she wants for the second nap, it was 2+ hours for us

    • Liz Webber says:

      Love this! We tried one nap last week and she was totally out of if by 4pm 😅 – We are going to wait a bit longer at this point, but will definitely remember this advice when it’s time to drop nap #2!

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